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for example that is, in the following manner, namely
in this case as an illustration to illustrate in the same manner
above all finally of major concern
a second factor finer of minor concern
better finest to begin with
best furthermore worse
compared to moreover worst
equally important of less importance worst of all
especially, without doubt, primarily, chiefly, actually, otherwise, after all ,
as a matter of fact
as, too, also, likewise, similarly, at the same time, in the same way
but, still, on the other hand, on the contrary, although, nevertheless, regardless, contrary to, and yet, however, nonetheless, conversely, despite, after all, instead
accordingly, as a result, because, consequent, hence, since, therefore, thus,
for this purpose, to this end, with this object
all in all, altogether, finally, in brief, in sum, in conclusion, in short, in summary, on the whole, to sum up
ironically, fortunately, to the disappointment of, unfortunately, strangely enough
  一.Addition 此外
  in addition ,and,similarly,likewise,as well as,besides,furthermore,also,moreover,too ,not only … but,even,besides this/that
  二.Sequence 顺序
  first ,initially,second etc.,to begin with,then,next,earlier/later,  following this/that,afterwards 
  三.Consequence 结果
  as a result ,thus,so,therefore,consequently,it follows that,thereby,eventually,in that case,admittedly 
  however ,on the other hand,
  despite,in spite of,though,although,but,on the contrary 
  otherwise ,yet,instead of,rather,whereas, nonetheless    compared with,in contrast
五.Certainty 确定
  obviously ,certainly,plainly,of course,undoubtedly 
 六.Condition 条件
  if ,unless,whether,provided that,for,so that,whether,depending on 

  七.Time 时间
  before ,since,as,until,meanwhile,at the moment,when,whenever,as soon as,just as
八.Summary 总结
  in conclusion ,in summary,lastly,finally,to sum up,to conclude,to recapitulate ,in short 
  for example,for instance,just as,in particular,such as,namely
  since,as ,so, because (of),due to,owing to,the reason why,in other words , leads to,cause 



1) 并列 递进

and 和 either…or… 或者…或者…

neither…nor… 既不…也不…

besides 在…旁边除了

in addition 另外

still then 就在那时

also 也 such as… 象…一样

in other words 换句话说

as well 也此外

likewise 也而且

this means 这意味着

not only…but also 不但…而且

the same…as 和…一样

similar 相似的

like 象…

such 如此

2) 转折

but 但是

however 但是

though 尽管

although 尽管

whereas 然而

while/ nevertheless 然而

not …but 不是…而是

despite 不管

in spite of 不管

unlike 不象

unfortunately 不幸地

on the other hand 另一方面

instead (of ) 代替

rather (than) 不是…而是

conversely 相反地

3) 比较

on the contrary to 相反地

prefer A to B 宁愿选A而不选B

the more…the more 越…越… as … as 和…一样

not so / as …as 不和…一样

more /less than 多/少于

inferior to 比…低级,次

superior to 比…高级,好

4) 原因

because (of ) 因为由于

as 因为,由于

as a result of 因为由于

due to 由于

thanks to 由于

5) 结果

as a result 结果 …

so 因此

Consequently 结果

so (such) … that 如此…以至于

Thus, therefore 因此

6) 列举

first(ly) 首先

second(ly) 其次

third(ly) 再次

another… 另一个…

the most… 最…



表文章结构顺序:First of all, Firstly/First, Secondly/Second…

And then, Finally, In the end, At last

2.表并列补充关系的:What is more, besides

3.表转折对比关系的:However, but

Although + clause(从句) On the one hand… On the other hand… Some… while others…

4.表因果关系的:Because, As ,So, Thus, Therefore, As a result

5.表换一种方式表达:In other words

6.表进行举例说明:For exampl,For instance

7.表陈述事实:In fact

8.表达自己观点: In my opinion

9.表总结:In a word In summary


(1)宾语从句举例:I believe Tianjin will be more beautiful and prosperous.

(2)状语从句举例:If everyone does something for the environment, our hometown will become clean and beautiful.

(3)动名词做主语举例:Reading books in the sun is bad for our eyes.

It's bad for our eyes to read books in the sun.



and 和,那么,渐渐;

or 或,否则,不管是…,还是;

but 但是,而是,的确…但;nor 也不

so 也是,因此,所以,那么,这样看来;

for 因为(表示推测),由于;



(1) This book may be used both as a text as well as a reference book.

这里的"as well as"和"both"不能搭配,应该将"as well "改为"and",使"both.......and......"变成关联连词( correlative conjunction)

(2) He not only speaks Mandarin but also English.

这里的"not only"应该移到"speaks"后面,使这个动词兼顾两个等立宾语:"Mandarin"和"English"。

(3) Although he is fat, but he is very weak.

英语里的"although"和"but"是不见面的 ,因此这句里的" but"要去掉,不然"although"就要出来。

(4) Jim is not so strong like you.

这里的"not so"必须和"as"连成一体;介词"like"是不适宜的。

(5) No sooner had we reached our destination, they left.

"No sooner"必须和"than" 配成关联连词,把"than" 省掉是不对的,应该补上:

No sooner had we reached our destination than they left.

这句子的意思也可透过"as soon as"反映出来:



however 然而,常用逗号隔开
as ,as far as ,not only ...but also



as ,as far as ,not only ...but also,for,at


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