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for example, that is, in the following manner, namely, in this case, as an illustration, to illustrate, in the same manner 2.表示递进关系的关联词
above all, finally ,of major concern, a second factor, of minor concern, to begin with, furthermore, compared to, moreover, equally important, of less importance, worst of all 3.表示强调的关联词
especially, without doubt, primarily, chiefly, actually, otherwise, after all, as a matter of fact 4.表示比较的关联词
as, too, also, likewise, similarly, at the same time, in the same way 5.表示转折的关联词
but, still, on the other hand, on the contrary, although, nevertheless, regardless, contrary to, and yet, however, nevertheless, conversely, despite, after all, instead 6.表示因果关系的关联词
for this purpose, to this end, with this object 7.表示结论的关联词
all in all, altogether, finally, in brief, in sum, in conclusion, in short, in summary, on the whole, to sum up accordingly, as a result, because, consequent, hence, since, therefore, thus, 8.表示作者态度的词
ironically, fortunately, to the disappointment of, unfortunately, strangely enough
一. Addition 此外
in addition,and,similarly,likewise,as well as,besides,furthermore,also,moreover,too,not only … but also,even,besides this/that

二. Sequence 顺序
first,initially,second etc.,to begin with,then,next,earlier/later,following this/that,afterwards 三. Consequence 结果
as a result,thus,so,therefore,consequently,it follows that,thereby,eventually,tn that case,admittedly 四. Contrast对比
however,on the other hand,despite,in spite of,though,although,but,on the contrary,otherwise,yet,instead of,rather,whereas, nonetheless,compared with,in contrast 五.Certainty 确定
obviously,certainly,plainly,of course,undoubtedly 六.Condition 条件
if,unless,whether,provided that,for,so that,whether,depending on 七.Time 时间
before,since,as,until,meanwhile,at the moment,when,whenever,as soon as,just as 八.Summary 总结
in conclusion,in summary,lastly,finally,to sum up,to conclude,in short 九.Example举例
for example,for instance,just as,in particular,such as,namely 十.Reason原因
since,as,so, because (of),due to,owing to,the reason why,in other words, leads to



英语关联词 —并列连词 1
并列连词 在句子中不做成分,仅表示前后关系.
1)连接语词:slow but safe/ either this
week or next week
2)连接分句:I went and she also.
1)转折:but, yet, however, neverthe-
2) 因果:so, for, therefore
3) 选择r, either…or, neither…nor
英语关联词 —并列连接词 2
4)并列和递进:and,both…and, as well as
not only…but (also)
英语关联词 —关联词
关联词 用于引导从句.
1.名词从句: He doesn't know what she is.
2.副词从句:If he comes, I'll give it
to you.
3.形容词从句:He's the best student I've
ever taught.
英语关联词 —连接词 1
关联词的类别及所表示的关系 要特别注意关联词在从句中(及某些连接词在短语中)所担当的成分,这是正确使用关连词的关键.
1) that(无含义):
I said that he was wrong.
2) whether(if)(表示不确定性或选择关系):
I don't know whether it is correct.
英语关联词 —连接词 2
A. who/which 作主语(口语who中可做宾语,
I asked him who came into the
room./ I asked him who(m) he saw
whom/which 做宾语:
Ask him which he wants.
英语关联词 —关联词 3
C. whose 做宾语(=whose thing(s)) /定
I wonder whose house that is.
D. what 做上面提及的各种成分:
I don't know what I should do.
What can be done
We can't decide whom to invite.
We must decide what to do.
I couldn't decide which to choose.
英语关联词 —关联词 4
3.连接副词 引导名词从句或与不定式连用,在从句
1) how: That's how I look at it.
2) where: I don't know where he lives.
3) when: Tell me when to use the tool.
4) why: I'll tell you why you have to
do it.
英语关联词 —关系词 1
1) who 表示人,在从句中做主语和表语(口语
The man who spoke is my teacher.
I don't know who he is.
The man who I saw told me that.
2) whom 表示人,在从句中做宾语和表语:
The man whom I saw told me that.
英语关联词 —关系词 2
3) whose 表示"某人/物的",of which表示
"某物的", 在从句中做定语:
That's the man whose son is my
The room whose window faces south
is her bedroom.
The room of which the window faces
south is her bedroom.
英语关联词 —关系词 3
4) which 表示物,在从句中做主语和表语:
I like the picture which was taken
in front of the main building.
5) that 表示人/物,在从句中做主语和宾语; 注
This is the best film that I've
ever seen.
英语关联词 —关系词 4
the first, the last, the only, the
same, the very, all, any, no,
This is the last chance that you
You are the only friend that I
He told me all that he knew.
英语关联词 —关系词 5
C. 先行词是下列不定代词或为其所修饰修饰时:
much, little, none, everything/body,
nothing, nobody.
There's nothing in the world that
can frighten him.
D. 以Who/Which开始的句子,其后的定语从句中
Who that knows him would trust him
Which of these buses is the one
that goes to London
英语关联词 —关系词 6
The man and the horse that fell
into the river were drowned.
6) 关系代词做介词宾语.
Is this the car for which you
paid a high price
英语关联词 —关系词 7
Is this the car which you paid
a high price for
Is this the car that you paid a
high price for
Is this the car you paid a high
price for
B.介词during, except以及表示(从整体中)
英语关联词 —关系词 8
The years during which he was away
were long years to her.
He wrote many books, some of which
This is the book which he has been
looking for.
The girl I work with is coming.
英语关联词 —关系词 9
He is not the man that he was
when I saw him first.
He is not the man he was when I
saw him first.
5.关系副词 在定语从句中均做状语.
1)where 地点:
That's one point where I'd like
your advice.
英语关联词 —关系词 10
2) when 时间:
At the time when I saw him, he was
3) why 原因:
That is the reason why I came so
4) that 方式/时间/原因
I like the way that /in which he
did it.
英语关联词 —关系词 11
That was the first time (that) I saw
The reason why/that he was dismissed
is not easy to explain.
5)in which/at which = where
This is the school in which/at which/
where he works.
6)for which = why
I don't the reason for which he left.
英语关联词 —关系词 12
7)on which = when
The day on which she was born was 22
September, 1988.



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